My Eat Pray Love Adventure in Peru

What happens when you let a google search decide your next destination? We wanted to know, so we sat down with ‘Sisters Traveling Solo’ member Gen to find out how her journey to Peru went.

Morocco; 5th stop on my Munchin Mission

We first heard about the Munchin Mission on our Sisters Traveling Solo Facebook page, and of course we wanted to know more. Rebecca, the woman behind the Munchin Mission is on a journey to connect her growing following base to the world through food, drink, history, and people. We love how each stop in her journey inspires her to create new flavors of cupcakes. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Rebecca to discuss the 5th stop in her Munchin Mission, Morocco.

For the Love of Art and Travel

If you are not following ‘Sisters Traveling Solo’ member @ErraTheCreator on Instagram do so right now. Sierra, her real name, is one of the dopest artists we have come across. With over 7K followers on Instagram and growing, Sierra show cases and sells her art pieces online. What we love about Sierra’s IG page is how she takes us along as she creates each piece of art from start to finish. After seeing her collection of “cutouts” (blog feature photo), we wanted to know more about her love of art and travel.

One Weekend, One Carryon: Packing tips from LuxeTips

Just in time for the Memorial day holiday, and with checked baggage fees not getting any cheaper, we asked Latoicha Givens Founder of LuxeTips, a lifestyle website providing tips on beauty, fashion, and travel to show us how to pack a carryon bag for a weekend getaway while still creating luxe looks that are affordable.